It may seem self-serving to say so, but yes! First, let me you right away that it is a myth that you ALWAYS need an attorney when you are injured.

Many situations can be handled by the individuals that were involved in the accident, but there are a great number that should not. In any case, most people have a hard time making the call of whether they need an attorney. This is why we offer as much advice as we can without making you pay anything in return. We are always available for a free consultation if you are unsure if our services are needed.

There are a number of reasons why hiring an attorney can be worth it for you:Personal Injury Claim Form with pen, calculator

  • The average person doesn’t have an understanding of all the laws relevant to a personal injury case and which ones apply in a specific situation. We know these laws and understand the proper way to take care of your case, as well as the timeframe that applies.
  • Your time is valuable and legal proceedings are tedious. We will spend the time building a strong case so you don’t have to.
  • It is likely that the events that caused you to look for an attorney were traumatic. We will shield you from any additional trauma by taking the burden of speaking directly with the insurance company, adjusters, other lawyers and anyone else who may attempt to contact you about the claim.
  • We spend the needed time on your case so you can spend time healing and returning to your daily life.
  • We have years of experience which allows us to understand all of the options for getting you the best possible settlement.

We understand that you are in possibly new and unfamiliar situation. You shouldn’t have to deal with needless worries and stress, least of all the fear of the huge financial burden that hiring an attorney could entail.

This is why we work on a contingency basis. What does that mean for you? You do not owe anything to the attorneys unless your case is successful. And even then, you only pay a percentage of your settlement. This means that you will never lose money by hiring us.

At Christensen & Hymas, we have an earnest desire to help you by getting you the best possible settlement for your case. We will provide the best legal counsel and ensure that the details of your case are handled professionally. You want help and we are there to provide it in any way that we can.

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