A bicyclist identified as Benjamin Stuermer from Orem was reported to have suffered head injuries from being struck by a passing vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that struck Stuermer allegedly did not stop to help the victim. The incident is another case of hit and run. The accident occurred on Geneva Road between Orem and Provo.

Luck was still on Stuermer’s side. Thanks to a passing motorist who alerted authorities about a bicycle with a broken rear tire minus the rider, a deputy from the sheriff’s office was sent to the scene of the accident. Responding deputy from Utah Country sheriff’s office found Stuermer shortly after midnight of Friday. According to the deputy, the bicyclist was standing by a power pole a few feet away from the damaged bike. The victim was reported to have asked the deputy repeatedly what happened and apparently suffered from some memory loss.

Stuermer told the sheriff’s office he routinely commutes on his bicycle between his home and his job in Orem.

Fortunately, a numbered car part from a Toyota Sienna minivan was found with the skid marks going off the pavement and into the dirt shoulder of the road near the bicycle. Deputies are uncertain whether the minivan was involved in the crash that injured the bicyclist.

At present, investigators are seeking help to locate the driver of the vehicle involved in this hit and run accident. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 801-794-3970.

Christensen & Hymas is offering reward money amounting to $1000 to anyone who can help identify the hit and run driver. Motorists who are responsible for an injury to others during an accident need to help the victim get medical attention immediately rather than run away. Motorists who hit and run are giving the impression of callousness or lack of conscience.

Christensen & Hymas would like to encourage all bicycle riders to have the proper car insurance coverage before going for a bicycle ride on Utah roadways. A bicyclist involved in an accident against an automobile may use his car insurance to cover all damages including lost wages and pain and suffering. If you are hit by someone who illegally fails to have insurance on his vehicle, are involved in a hit-and-run accident, or are caused to lay down your bike because of the reckless and inattentive driving of a vehicle that ultimately left the scene of your accident, you will only be compensated for your injuries and damages if you have adequate uninsured motorist coverage.

Bicyclists who use their uninsured motorist coverage should not worry about the possibility of increased insurance rates when the accident is caused by the other motorist.

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