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In Utah there seems to be 2 seasons: winter and construction. Jokes aside, there is some truth to the idea that road construction is endless. For years, the I-15 has been under constant construction. “The Point Project” is a 12 to 15 mile stretch of freeway at the point of the mountain between Lehi and Draper that is being entirely renovated. While these projects are helpful because they will eventually improve road and driving conditions, undoubtedly they can be frustrating and cause you unwanted delays. Will it ever end?

The answer is yes! According to the Utah Department of Transportation, “The Point Project” is scheduled to be finished Fall 2016. In fact, they claim that the project, as of a few weeks ago, is nearly 83 percent finished. However, take this with a grain of salt! We understand that there might be possible delays and unseen complications in the future, but keep your hopes up. Here are a few facts:

The Point Project

  • The goal of the project is to expand the previous lane capacity.
  • Much of the old pavement will be replaced with new concrete pavement.
  • Many of the delays are caused by the “bottleneck effect”, which occurs after a sudden reduced speed limit.
  • The project costs a total of 252 million dollars and is intended to increase safety and mobility of Utah drivers.

Remember that just because this project may finish this year, that doesn’t mean another one might not start up soon. Be careful on the roads and be especially cautious when you enter construction zones. If you are injured while driving please contact us today for a free consultation. Good luck and safe driving.

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