Dani Ingram-Farris, Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Dani Ingram-Farris, recipient of the 2017 Christensen & Hymas Married Law Student Scholarship! Dani attends Northern Kentucky University’s Salmon P. Chase College of Law. She has successfully maintained a 3.97 GPA, while balancing school, motherhood, and marriage. Because of such a successful dedication, we would like to offer Dani a $1000 scholarship to help her in her academic pursuit.

Read Dani’s story about her commitment to be a good mom, wife, and successful law student:


“I am beyond blessed to be the wife of a phenomenally passionate person and the mother of a unique, creative child. I married in October 2015. This also happened to be the same time that I decided to take the leap and sign up for the LSAT exam in December. I had thought about law school during my undergraduate career, but decided I would rather enter the workforce for a few years and return to school down the road. After spending four years working in social services and community mental health, I left it behind to start my law school career at Salmon P. Chase School of Law in Kentucky. The timing was tough. One week before starting law school, I met my son. He has been in the foster care system for a decade waiting on his forever family. My spouse and I knew he was meant to be our son from the moment we saw his picture in an online gallery of waiting children. We quickly met him and brought him into our home. We are set to adopt him within the first few months of 2017. He has a number of special needs which require a certain kind of parenting, a certain kind of strength and a good deal of time. I am grateful that my spouse takes our son to many of his appointments so that I can spend time studying. I work hard to finish my studying by dinner time so that I can spend the rest of my evening loving my son and giving him the time and attention that he deserves.

“I found balance for my family about halfway into the first semester of school. I managed to spend about 45 hours at school while devoting the rest of my time to my family. I spent school breaks cooking massive amounts of food that was frozen to ensure that my family eats a home cooked meal each evening. Even during finals, we sat down together for a meal each night. With this balancing act, I was able to end my first semester with a GPA of 3.976, and got a 4.026 GPA for the spring. I intend to summa cum laude in the top 5% of my class in May of 2019. I am interested in many areas of law including public policy, intellectual property and employment law. I look forward to participating in clinics offered by my school to practice different areas of law and gain experience. I am looking forward to adopting our son and watching him graduate middle school the same year I graduate from law school. I look forward to giving him a younger brother or sister in the years following law school. I am confident my marriage will grow and thrive during this time. I am blessed to be married to my best friend who supports me unconditionally. Our family will become stronger through my time in school, and I will have the support and love I need to meet my academic goals.”