Real Geeks Ride stickersThere was a day when geeks were forced into a much narrower mold than they fit today.  For about two decades, a geek was “a person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.”  The geeks of yore would typically have a wealth of Star Trek trivia at their command to whip out at inappropriate moments to the chagrin of those other guests who warned the host not to invite them to the party.

Today, geeks are not defined by social ineptitude or science fiction fanaticism.  Instead, the term has come to denote anyone who is visibly enthusiastic about an interest or hobby (for the modern geek may even have more than one!).  A person may be a geek about Dr. Who, Reggae, or even athletic activities like bicycling…and, just as there are conventions for comic enthusiasts, there are organizations in Utah where bicyclists can go to “geek out.”  If you have been searching for fellow bicycling geeks, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for somewhere below:

1. Bike Utah

Bike Utah is an umbrella group that serves the needs of all bicyclists, regardless of their level of proficiency or interest that exists to “promote and preserve the safety, opportunities, and responsibilities of cyclists through legislation, education, and facilities development.”  Bike Utah encourages lawmakers to accommodate bicyclists in legislation and road construction and seeks to educate the public on the benefits of bicycling and the prejudices bicyclists face.

2. Utah Valley Locals Cycling Club & Development Mountain Bike Squad

This cycling club is not for the bicyclist content to ride for fun—it’s a racing club for serious athletes.  The mission statement of the organization is to build “hardened Utah Valley Riders” and to promote a friendly bicycling community (but also a friendly spirit of competition).  Members of the club are prepared for cycling competitions all over the globe.

3. Utah Cycling Association

The Utah Cycling Association serves much the same purpose as the aforementioned club, but focuses on Utah races and community activities.  Club leadership raises funds to hold localized weekend races and establish a point system for those races.

4. The Ride Connection

The Ride Connection allows bicyclists to connect with other bicyclists by arranging group rides with others in their general vicinity.  The web site also allows visitors to plan routes on a map and print them off, much like they might on Google Maps (if Google Maps were more specialized).

As great as bicycling networks are for mobilizing cyclists for community action and races, there are some things they can’t do.  For instance, a bicycling advocacy group can promote legal rights for bicyclists, but a personal injury attorney can help after a bicycle accident has actually occurred.  If an irresponsible driver or unsafe circumstance has caused a bicycle accident from which you are having difficulty recovering, Christensen & Hymas has answers either at or (801) 506-0800.

Image courtesy of Josh Fischer