Old Bike_large front wheelFor most people, bicycling is a pleasant activity that allows them to exercise efficiently.  It’s a low-impact activity that most people can enjoy while hardly noticing the exertion of operating the bicycle.

For others, it is a passion:  extreme bicycle trails exist all over the world for those who trust their skill with their lives; advocacy groups lobby for more bike lanes and bicycle-friendly areas in an effort to change the landscape of their community.

For still others, it’s a way of life—and these others are not necessarily avid bicyclists.  The people who have made their way onto this list are not only bicyclists, but engineers and the exceptionally creative.  The body of bicyclists may comprise the body of people who appreciate the sport, but the quirky individuals here make up a large portion of the right brain:

1. Largest Bicycle

Dieter “Didi” Senft, a.k.a. “The Devil,” a prodigy in the field of Building Bicycles that Look Really Weird, is the creator of the world’s largest functional bicycle.  His monstrous creation is 12 feet high and 27 feet long; and he has been seen somehow riding the thing about in his native Germany.

Honorable mention goes to Senft’s Guitar Bicycle, which measures some 16 x 39 feet and doesn’t resemble a bicycle very closely.  (While technically operated in the same way as any bicycle, Senft pedals it lying down with his body turned sideways so he can see the road and leer at oncoming traffic.)  Senft has also constructed a 10 x 30-foot fish-shaped bicycle made out of bells that can hardly be omitted from any article about bicycle records.

2. Smallest Bicyle

The world’s smallest bicycle, built by Polish electrician Zbigniew Rozanek, is a handful of inches long and nearly tall enough for a Barbie doll.  As impractically tiny as it is, Rozaneck did manage to ride it 16 feet.  (Another of Rozanek’s inventions is the former record-holder as the world’s largest non-ballpoint pen.)

3. Highest Jump

At 54 feet—6 stories—into space, Kevin Robinson holds the title for the highest jump on a BMX bike after six attempts to break the previous record.  After breaking the record by one inch, Robinson tried again and added 5 inches to his margin of victory.

4. Fastest Bicycle Trip Around the World

Thomas Großerichter is the technical winner at 105 days, although this was before the rules were changed to require the inclusion of traffic stop times.  Under the new rules, Großerichter’s primary contender is Alan Bate, who finished his circumnavigation in 106 days.

5. Longest Tandem Bicycle Ride with a Full-Sized Artificial Skeleton in the Back Seat

This most illustrious of bicycling records is held by Kadhim Shubber, who rode 891 miles from John O’Groats, Scotland to Land’s End, England to raise money for scholarship programs.  For those cynics out there who would accuse him of underachievement, Shubber beat out the previous record holder, Art Hoffman, by 454 miles.  No way was he out to break an obscure record without working too hard.

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Image courtesy of Cathy Calamas