Ive_Stood_In_Your_ShoesCharles Boyk, a personal injury lawyer practicing in Ohio, has recently published a book called, “I’ve stood in your shoes.” This book is Boyk’s unique perspective on personal injury cases, a perspective he gained from his own experience as he made the shift from the lawyer’s chair to the clients seat.

The book details how his son suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of a fall from the high dive of a local pool. As Boyk had to depend on other lawyers to defend the rights of his son, he learned several things about how his clients feel. The book is a distillation of what he learned. It is a compilation of those things he believes every client would benefit from knowing.

Boyk’s 29 years of personal injury law practice, combined with the personal, first-hand experience and knowledge of a personal injury accident, have enabled him to create this book. In it he outlines 16 lessons he feels any accident victim should know about. Each lesson is intertwined with his family’s story.

Boyk outlines what questions you should ask, like how to emotionally prepare yourself for a personal injury case, how to find the right lawyer, what does  mediation involve, and how to best work with your attorney.

Christensen & Hymas congratulates Boyk for publishing his book.  We are especially invested in this book and the case because we were consulted regarding Mr. Boyk’s case. We offered some initial advice. We also helped them find crucial expert witnesses.

If you are interested in reading this helpful personal injury book written by my colleague, you can order it from Charlesboyk-law.com.

We encourage everyone to learn more about what to do during a personal injury case. Like Boyk, we strive to help our clients receive the respect and attention they deserve. We want to get to know you. Let us help make walking in your shoes more comfortable. If you have been in an accident call us at (801) 506-0800 for a free case consultation, or check out the books that we have written as well at Utah Accident Books.com

Photo copy right to Charles Boyk