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Cops and Robbers as a 1951 film might be funny, but it was criticized for its unflattering portrayal of a policeman. A video game bearing the same title and played by children was also considered as something that teaches wrong values. A player’s score is based on the number of cops shot and the number of diamonds stolen.

Our society is dependent on cops for peace and order. We depend on them to protect us from the criminals in our society. For them to function well in this aspect, they have the training on how to deal with armed criminals.

The recent incident involving an armed robbery in Salt Lake City that was featured in Deseret News is a cause of alarm. According to the report, a man in his twenties entered a restaurant and demanded money from an employee. Allegedly, the man left the restaurant after getting an undisclosed amount of money. An employee of the restaurant recruited two men who had just arrived to pursue the robbery suspect. The three men chased the suspect on foot and at one point, the robber turned and fired at the pursuers. One of the pursuing men was shot in the leg. The man was taken to a hospital and was reported to be in stable condition according to police. Police learned that the man who led the chase had no idea that the robber was armed with a gun.

This incident brings to mind the safety precautions that must be in place to be followed by civilians. Remember, as civilians we do not have the appropriate training in dealing with armed criminals.

What safety precautions must be in place to discourage similar unpleasant incidents from happening in your place of business? Here is a short list worth considering:

  1. Use good interior and exterior lighting. Make your store interior or place of business is visible from the street.
  2. Use signs that say there is an alarm system installed and put in CCTV cameras.
  3. Make sure back doors and side exits are properly locked.
  4. Do not entertain anyone after store hours and have other employees with you when you close the store for the day.
  5. Inspect closely the surroundings for anything suspicious when opening and closing the business establishment.
  6. Maintain minimum cash in the store. Keep money in a safe or bank and do not leave large amounts of cash in your store or establishment.
  7. Devise a system for employees to alert each other of a robbery in progress. It is important that you instruct your employees not to take any drastic actions that can result in harm.

In the event of robbery, it is best to:

  1. Remain calm and do not resist the robber. The suspect is nervous and may be under the influence of drugs. Cooperation is the best weapon.
  2. Do not make unnecessary moves or actions that might be misinterpreted by the suspect.
  3. Take careful note of the physical appearance of the suspect. Notice mannerism or distinctive physical features. You need this for the police report.
  4. Take note also of the getaway car, if there is one.
  5. Call the police as soon as the robber has completely left the premises.
  6. DO NOT attempt to chase or follow the suspect.
  7. Do not allow your employees to discuss the incident before the police authorities arrive. This is to ensure clarity and validity of eyewitness accounts.

Christensen & Hymas is relieved that the shooting incident was not fatal. We encourage everyone to stay alert and be criminal smart. Acting like cops might endanger your life and those of others. Let the experts do their job.

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