An unfortunate Utah crash occurred on Friday, July 14th a motorcyclist collided with a red pickup truck while heading south near 550 N. State Street in Lindon, Utah.

According to Lindon Police Chief Josh Adams, an emergency crew responded to the crash at approximately 7:15 a.m. The pickup truck was traveling north and made a left-hand turn onto 550 North. The motorcycle then collided with the side of the truck.

Chief Adams believes to the best of his ability that, “they did not see one another”.

The motorcyclist was transported to Utah Valley Hospital, but unfortunately did not survive his injuries.

The crash is currently under investigation, and any charges related to the crash are pending. A third vehicle who ran over debris from the crash was kept as a witness in order for police to collect additional evidence.

Although it is unclear at this point who is at fault, we handle many sensitive and difficult cases such as the tragedy that occurred this morning. Our condolences go to the wife and two kids of the man who passed away, as well as all of his loved ones.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident where the fault is unclear, contact us today for a free consultation so you can receive financial assistances in this uncertain and difficult time.

Photo courtesy of Artur Andrzej