Distracted-Driving-Infographic Christensen & Hymas Law Firm has published an infographic on driving impairment caused by cell phone usage. The infographic presents striking statistics of the degree to which drivers become distracted while under the influence of cell phones.  Interestingly enough, psychology professors Jason M. Watson and David L. Strayer of the University of Utah have published results of a study they conducted on the effects of multitasking while driving.  Both the infographic and the published results from the study clearly depict the dangers of driving while utilizing cell phones.


Christensen & Hymas Law Firm’s distracted driving infographic, entitled “Cell Phones and Driving,” presents sobering statistics about the detrimental influence cell phones have on drivers.  Statistics like, “18% of all fatal car accidents are caused by cell phone use,” and, “distracted driving is the number one killer of American teens,” are sadly true, despite the fact that they are entirely preventable.  Thousands of lives could be spared if motorists would simply adhere to the laws of the land and resist the urge to use their cell phones while driving.

The infographic echoes a recent study from the University of Utah, conducted by psychology professors Jason M. Watson and David L. Strayer.  The study showed that, when asked to perform two or three tasks while simultaneously driving, the “performance on one task prospers at the expense of the other.”  Simply put, when the driver of a car chooses to focus on their cell phone, their driving suffers for it.  Indeed, the “results suggest that the overwhelming majority of people suffer significant bidirectional impairment from using a cell phone while they are driving.”

The full weight of their study is felt when it is realized that, out of a participant group of 200 people, only 5 individuals were capable of multitasking while driving; that’s 2.5%.  Further, the authors suggest that some drivers may “be wondering whether they too are supertaskers; however, we suggest that the odds of this are against them.”  FYI, “supertaskers” is the term for the 2.5% who outperformed their fellow participants.  They went on to say that drivers have a “tendency to believe that their driving performance is above average,” and yet at the same time, those same individuals admit to have recognized in other drivers what they describe as “erratic” driving while under the influence of a cell phone.

The tendency to be overconfident when it comes to driving while under the influence of a cell phone is unfortunate.  The data shows the need for constructive criticism among drivers and, quite possibly, more humility.

The statistics found on the infographic should be utilized to educate all drivers, and especially young drivers, of the risks associated with using a cell phone while driving.  When it comes down to it, using a cell phone while driving is simply is not worth the risk.

Additionally, every driver should be aware of the state laws regarding driving while operating a cell phone; every state has different laws.  Some states ban texting altogether, other states have banned novice drivers.  The laws can be easily found on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s website.

There is sufficient evidence and research that has been done to expose the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice; every driver has the option to neglect or heed the warnings of wisdom.

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