This catchy public service add by tangerine Kitty for the Austrailian Metro Train company has been captivating young and old lately. Though most of the ways to die that are depicted are meant to be things that you would never imagine doing there are some ways to die mentioned that could have roots in the carelessness of another.  Such times when you are injured unintentionally by another person’s actions are when you need to contact a personal injury lawyer at Christensen & Hymas.

Here are 10 of the ways to die from the lyrics:

  1. Set fire to your hair
  2. Eat medicines that are out of date
  3. Eat a two week old unrefrigerated pie
  4. Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place
  5. Keep a rattlesnake as a pet
  6. Sell both your kidneys on the internet
  7. Eat a tube of superglue
  8. Dress up like a moose during hunting season
  9. Stand on the edge of a train station platform
  10. Run across the tracks between platforms

Here are ways that these deaths could lead to a personal injury case:

  1. If your hair sets fire, and you have been using products properly, you may have a case against the makers of your hair products;
  2. If there is no expiration date printed then you will not be at fault for your injuries, assuming you took them as directed;
  3. If the pie does not say that it needs to be refrigerated then poor labels are to blame;
  4. Hiding in and starting the dryer would be your fault, but if the dryer’s design was faulty and started with a child in it or doesn’t have proper safety features you may have a case;
  5. Keeping a dangerous animal is your responsibility; however, if you purchased the animal without being told of its dangers then the store may be at fault for your injuries;
  6. Be careful that your internet sales are always legal. If you are deceived and not told of the dangers of your actions we can help;
  7. Eating dangerous chemicals is never smart, but if you ingest something that is harmful that is not clearly marked as hazardous you could receive compensation;
  8. Why you would dress up like a moose is a mystery, but if you are accidentally shot we can help;
  9. If the edge of a platform street or ledge is not marked then you need not be held responsible for your injury;
  10. If proper warnings and safety blockades are not present, then you may have a case.

This song is a reminder of all the foolish actions that we do which cause us harm. At those times when harm comes to you, when you are not a fault, you may have a personal injury case.  At Christensen & Hymas we give free consultations regarding your case. We will help you determine your next course of action in order to receive justice. Call us at (801)506-0800.

Image courtesy of: Romina Campos