Teachers Kimberly Marsh and Tawny Hawkins

Win the Golden Apple Award

The Christensen Law Firm Gives $100 Gift Card For Classroom Supplies


DRAPER, UT, April 23 – The School Supplies Gift Program, sponsored by Utah-based Christensen Law Firm, is pleased to announce that Ms. Kimberly Marsh, a second grade teacher at Midvalley Elementary, and Ms. Tawny Hawkins, a tenth grade teacher at Brighton High School, are the next recipients of the Golden Apple Award.

Golden Apple Award Winner Kim MarshMs. Kimberly Marsh has learned that students have different needs when it comes to learning.  She said, “My teaching style and lesson plans stem from Gardners’ theory of multiple intelligences – that all students learn best in different (and often less conventional) ways. I enjoy the challenge of making it meet their needs. After all, this is THEIR education! Shouldn’t it make sense to them?”

Following Gardners’ theory of multiple intelligences, Ms. Marsh has implemented an art program in her classroom which she hopes will aid her students in learning and retaining the material taught.  She has also worked very hard at implementing developmental lessons that include “healthy lifestyle choices like nutrition, exercise, stranger danger and self esteem through hands-on methods.”  We applaud her for her efforts and wish her a bright and successful career.

Golden Apple Award Winner Tawny HawkinsMs. Tawny Hawkins teaches Regular English Language Arts with hopes of preparing her students for college.  She said that her challenge is to prepare the students “by teaching them critical thinking skills as well as reading strategies and writing skills.”   She spends “many hours outside of class developing challenging, engaging curriculum.”  As many other teachers know, teaching is often a thankless job.  Ms. Hawkins expressed the fact that of her many students who move on, some will come back and express appreciation for her hard work and classroom instruction, saying that what she taught has helped them in other classes.

Ms. Hawkins’ Golden Apple Award nominator had many good things to say.  She said that Ms. Hawkins has remained firm in her standards of teaching—including teaching content directly from the State’s core curriculum—despite others not following suit.  She has stood resolute while frustrated parents complain about their child’s grade, regardless of their output.  Ms. Hawkins has kept her perspective on the students’ future, and what is needed in order to prepare them sufficiently for college and for life.  We at the firm congratulate her and thank her for a job well done.

About the School Supplies Gift Program

Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas, owners of the Christensen Law Firm, recently started the School Supplies Gift Program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. Each week the program gives the Golden Apple Award, which includes a $100 OfficeMax gift card, to a deserving Utah public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, including teachers, students, parents and administrators.