Utah Teachers Sarah Fluhman and Olivia Oldham

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Christensen & Hymas Gives $100 Gift Card for Classroom Supplies


DRAPER, UT, October 8, 2012 – The School Supplies Gift Program, sponsored by Utah-based Christensen & Hymas, is pleased to announce that Ms. Sarah Fluhman, a 2nd grade teacher at Adelaide Elementary School, and Ms. Olivia Oldham, a 6h grade teacher at Riverton Elementary School, are the next recipients of the Golden Apple Award.

Utah TeacherMs. Fluhman’s nominator said, “Sarah is just the best second grade teacher ever!!!  Everyone loves her and parents fight to have their child in her class.”  The several years Ms. Fluhman has worked with the nominator has proved impactful.  The nominator continued, “Sarah is a kind and loving person.  She is amazingly patient and calm with her students.  Like all teachers she spends hours and hours putting in extra time (and money of course) to make sure all is well for her students.  We are lucky to have Sarah at our school.”  The love and mutual friendship is apparent and applauded.

Ms. Fluhman has done more than engender lasting relationships with her coworkers; she has created keep-sakes for the children to take home and cherish for years to come.  She makes calendars as Christmas presents and end-of-the-year books for her students to take home.  They have been well received.  We applaud Ms. Fluhman for her efforts as a teacher, friend, and mentor.

 Ms. Oldham’s nominator had much to say that affirmed the fact that Ms. Oldham “is a fabulous teacher.”  Ms. Oldham works with the Advanced Placement Program for Students (A.L.P.S.). She works “very hard to make sure her accelerated learners are getting the challenge and rigor they need, without just piling on ‘extra work’.  Olivia understands that to really help students learn, they need to be stretched, not just have more work.”  Ms. Oldham’s nominator continued, “Olivia’s students know that she loves them through the enriching and exciting activities she provides.”

 Ms. Oldham’s teaching excellence can easily be recognized by an experience the nominator shared.  Ms. Oldham was asked to sub for a third grade math class for an extended period of time.  After the regular teacher returned to the class, she expected to need to re-teach her students.  Yet she found that Ms. Oldham had done such a fantastic job that there was no need to re-teach the students.  Ms. Oldham puts her heart into what she does and it shows.  We at Christensen & Hymas praise Ms. Oldham for her diligence, love, and energy she puts into her teaching.


About the School Supplies Gift Program

Utah personal injury attorneys Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas, owners of Christensen & Hymas, started the School Supplies Gift Program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. Each week the program gives the Golden Apple Award, which includes a $100 OfficeMax gift card, to a deserving Utah public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, including teachers, students, parents and administrators.