Teachers Walter Schofield and Courtney Martin

Win the Golden Apple Award

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DRAPER, UT, May 30 – The School Supplies Gift Program, sponsored by Utah-based Christensen Law Firm, is pleased to announce that Mr. Walter Schofield, a 10th grade teacher at Brighton High School, and Ms. Courtney Martin, a 1st grade teacher at East Sandy Elementary, are the next recipients of the Golden Apple Award.

Walter Schofield Golden Apple Award WinnerMr. Walter Schofield has been in education for the past 30 years, eight of which were spent as an administrator.  Feeling better suited for the classroom, he has been able to teach numerous subjects in the visual arts including: photography, drawing, painting, film, ceramics, sculpture, commercial art, design, crafts, and jewelry.  His latest exploits include teaching hand engraving, precious stone setting, and metalsmithing.  He plans on utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to incorporate technology in the classroom coupled with computer software in jewelry-making that would allow students to design and create their own personalized school ring.  He said, “This would allow them to express themselves in previously uncharted ways; to experience the creative process with new eyes and new understanding.”

Mr. Schofield’s nominator said that he teaches the students a concept and then has the students teach each other, thus reinforcing the concept in their minds.  The nominator continued by saying, “He believes the life skills the students develop through caring for each other are far more important than any metalworking principle they may obtain.” The nominator concluded by saying, “Mr. Schofield is a good man and a fine teacher.”

Courtney Martin Golden Apple Award WinnerMs. Courtney Martin has been teaching 1st grade for four years.  She loves teaching and often feels like an anthropologist while in class.  Observations of her students have led her to use her pet cats (Lulu, Newt, and Ghanima) as examples for teaching hard concepts that would otherwise be difficult to learn.  In fact, her nominator, a parent of one of her students, said, “Ms. Martin has a unique teaching style that keeps her students engaged.  She often teaches difficult concepts using her pet cats as examples.  My son often talks about these cats at home, so I know her methods are making an impression on my son.”

The nominator said that her son was having a difficult time learning and would often say how he did not want to go to school.  “Ms. Martin had a stroke of genius,” the nominator said.  Ms. Martin gave the boy an award for learning.  It was because of this award that the boy has “never complained about attending school.”  The nominator concluded, “Ms. Courtney Martin…has my gratitude for helping my son enjoy school.”

*** End of School Supplies Gift Program for Scholastic Year 2011/2012

This will be the final award given for the School Supplies Gift Program for the scholastic year 2011/2012. Please continue to send in nominations over the summer and we will see you at the start of next school year!

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