Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Russ Hymas and Ken ChristensenChristensen & Hymas recently recovered $20,000 for a man who was severely burned after a faulty electric pump spewed acid into the air, covering his face and arms.

It was a normal day at work for the victim, Adam.  According to the complaint filed (case number and court of record kept confidential), Adam and his coworker received instructions for their day’s work which included a routine acid transfer from two 55 gallon drums to a specialized tote.  After surveying the equipment required to do the job, it was determined that a new transfer pump was needed.  After gathering the equipment they had on hand, they departed from their company’s premises and headed to a local equipment supply company, where they bought the new pump.

According to the complaint, after picking up the new pump, Adam and his coworker drove to the work site.  They each donned specialized suits, called personal protective equipment (PPE), which are required to handle volatile chemicals.

According to the amended complaint, the acid transfer was going well for the first 55 gallon drum, so Adam left the ‘hot zone,’ removed his PPE, and went to an adjacent room to get a decontamination container ready.  While Adam was working on the ‘decon’ container, his coworker had finished the first 55 gallon drum and moved the pump to the second drum.  Shortly after the pump was transferred, the shaft of the pump began to spray acid into the air in all directions.  Even though Adam was in the adjoining room he was sprayed with acid because of an open doorway.  The acid immediately began to burn his face.  To avoid being burned further, he brought up his arms to shield his face.  His arms were badly burned.

As stated in the confidential mediation brief, he ran to a decontamination shower nearby and scrubbed as much of the chemical off him as he could while the acid continued to burn him.  Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived and carried him to a nearby hospital. After being badly burned by the acid, and treated at a hospital, Adam suffered major scarring on his face and arms.

The attorneys at Christensen & Hymas alleged that the incident occurred due to the faulty drum pump.  The manufacturer’s insurance company was sued by Christensen & Hymas on Adam’s behalf in order to pay for medical bills, lost wages, plastic surgery, and future medical aid.  The manufacturer’s insurance company settled out of court; Adam was awarded $20,000.

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