KSL5 news reported that the FrontRunner from Salt Lake City had its first test run to Provo this morning.  The Utah Transit Authority will continue a testing phase on the new line until Dec. 10 of this year; it will then be open for public use.  The new line is exciting because it connects Utah County with Salt Lake County via public transportation.  The option for public transportation is good for many reasons; one of those reasons is to relieve the highways of excessive traffic.  Ultimately, with fewer cars on the road, the numbers of car accidents also lessons.

Public transportation is a heated debate in most major cities, Salt Lake City included.  It normally comes down to the allocation of money.  There are those who say state money should be invested in public transportation and others who say their own car will suffice when it comes to their traveling and commuting needs and that state money should be used elsewhere, since, it is usually state tax funds that pay for such projects.

Whichever way you lean, the question is would you use the transportation services if they were in place?  Many commuters do not use the services, like Trax and city buses, even though they have been in place for many years.  What is it that is keeping motorists in cars and out of public transit vehicles?

The reality is that public transportation costs a lot of money to design, build, and maintain.  That money could be used for other purposes.  The question is, should it?  What are the benefits of public transportation that offset the costs?  Well, one benefit is environmental.  With fewer cars on the road, the air quality goes up; within the Wasatch Front, this is a huge issue and should be looked at more seriously.

Another benefit to having public transportation is fewer car accidents.  Any auto accident attorney would be able to tell you how car accidents can change people’s lives for the worst.  They leave lasting bills, stress, trauma, and possibly, they could leave the victims in financial ruin.

The expert lawyers at the Christensen & Hymas Law Firm know the lasting effects of these kinds of accidents.  They choose to fight for the rights of the victim so that the victim and their family have a better chance of moving on after an accident.  If you or a family member has been injured in a car accident, call us at (801) 506-0800 or visit our main page.

To avoid car accidents all together, use public transit.  It saves gas, money, the environment, and possible bodily injury from auto accidents.

Image courtesy of: Flickr user Garrett