CNN reported that a parade in Virginia was marred by an accident involving a 1997 Cadillac that injured 60 people and leaving 10 hospitalized for injuries. CNN further stated that the accident occurred during the Hiker Parade at the annual Trail Days festival held May 19 of 2013, which honors the famed hiking trail.  Fortunately the injuries sustained are not life threatening. According to authorities, the driver was suffering from a medical condition that made him lose control of the car. There was no clarification on the type of medical condition and the driver’s identity was not revealed. Bill Nunly, the town’s police chief in an interview, disclosed that the car had to be lifted off the ground to free people who were trapped underneath. Revelers and trail blazers were filing down a street in the town near the Tennessee state line to celebrate the Appalachian Trail when the sedan veered off the road. Hikers and bystanders alike rushed after the car in an attempt to stop it from causing further harm. The sedan managed to hit other vehicles before it was controlled by concerned individuals.

Utah Department of Public Safety requires all Utah residents applying for driving license to complete a health questionnaire to show their functional ability to drive. As individuals responsible for their health when driving, applicants must seek the assistance of a health care professional for proper profiling of the health condition if there is a medical problem. It is expected that the health care professional should be able to establish the true medical condition of the applicant and make appropriate recommendations.

The Department further stipulates that drivers are responsible to refrain from driving if they have, or develop, or suspect that they have developed, a physical, mental, or emotional impairment which may affect driving safety. In addition, drivers in such a situation are expected to seek competent medical evaluation and advice about the significance of the impairment as it relates to driving safety.  As a final point, drivers are responsible for reporting to the Driver License Division if they have or develop, or suspect a physical, mental, or emotional impairment which may affect driving safety.

Let us try to follow safe driving guidelines. Let us heed the song of Barbra Streisand, “do not rain on my parade”.  Do not be a party or parade spoiler, seek immediate medical help to avoid accidents resulting from driving with medical condition.

Accidents such as this would come as shocking that innocent bystanders in public festivities would usually fall victims to surprising turns of events. The public is therefore enjoined to be on the watch for incidents that may happen anytime. We at Christensen & Hymas sympathize with the victims of this car plowing accident. If you need a consultation regarding an injury incurred by a driver with a medical condition, contact us at (801)506-0800.


Image courtesy of Pixabay