People are always in a hurry. There is a great desire to accomplish everything in as shortest time as possible, and when traveling to arrive to the destination at the shortest time.

Here is the list of the fastest in terms of speed and distance:

  1. Fastest car– many claims exist in this area but there is a car that ran at 267.8 mph as certified by Guinness Book of Records as of 2010.
  2.  Fastest train– A Maglev train is reported to have a speed of 581 kilometers per hour
  3. Fastest airplane– NASA has tested an unmanned aircraft to travel 7000 miles per hour as of 2004
  4. Fastest commercial airplane– Record is held by Concorde at 1, 330 miles per hour as of 2002
  5.  Fastest runner – Usain Bolt can run 200 meters in 19.19 seconds
  6.  Fastest swimmer– Olympics have been the venue for super athletes. One record shows that a swimmer can actually swim 50 meters in just 20.30 seconds
  7.  Fastest cat – The cheetah can run 70-75 mph. Its prey is thankful that a cheetah has limited endurance and can only do this speed for 60   seconds.
  8.  Fastest bird – The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird. When in its hunting dive, it soars to a great height and then dives abruptly at speeds of over 200 mph.
  9. Fastest dog – The Greyhound is the fastest dog and has primarily been bred for coursing game and racing. It can run at 46 mph.
  10. Fastest race horse– According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest speed for a race horse, 70.76 km/h (43.97 mph), was achieved by the horse “Winning Brew” in a 2008 race in Grantville, Pennsylvania.

The Guinness World Records has a lot of interestng information on speed and what people have tried to accomplished in the shortest amount of time. Here are some of them.

  1. The record for inverted pole climb – greatest distance climbed in a minute is 9.73 m (31 ft 11 in) achieved by Nele Bruckmann (Germany) in 2007.
  2. The record for the fastest time to travel 100 m on a space hopper is 30.2 sec and was set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at Flushing Meadow Park, New York, USA on November 16, 2004.
  3. The fastest 100 m with a can balanced on head by a dog is 2 min 55 sec achieved by Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross and her owner Alex Rothaker (USA) at the college of Lake County, Grayslake, Illinois, USA on September 2008.
  4. The fastest mile covered while carrying another person on one’s shoulders is 15 min 11.87 sec by Ashrita Furman (USA) on November 2005 at Liberty State Park, New Jersey, USA.
  5. The fastest mile covered on spring loaded stilts is 7 min 13 sec set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the TSV 1865 Dachau Sports Club in Dachau, Germany on March 2008.
  6. The fastest 10 m carrying a table with weight in the mouth was 6.57 seconds and was achieved by Georges Christen (Luxembourg) on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China on June 18, 2009.
  7. Fastest 100 metre hurdles wearing swim fins (male) is 14.82 seconds and was achieved by Christopher Irmscher (Germany) on the set of Guinness World Records – Die Grössten Weltrekorde in Cologne, Germany, on September 13, 2008.
  8. The fastest time to run a half marathon whilst pushing a pram is 1 hr 30 min 51 sec by Nancy Schubring (USA) at the Mike May Races Half Marathon, Vassar, Michigan, USA on September 15, 2001.
  9. Agris Kazelniks (Latvia) covered a distance of 20 m (65 ft 7.32 in) carrying 300 kg (661 lb 5.4 oz) on his shoulders in a time of 11.40 seconds on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, in Milan, Italy, on April 18, 2009.
  10. The fastest mile hopping on a pogo stick whilst juggling three balls is 23 min 28 sec set by Ashrita Furman (USA) at the Brooklyn Promenade, Brooklyn, New York, USA, on 26 September 2007.

Comparing list number 1 with number 2, one could easily say that list number 1 has a certain purpose (performance in a contest or best designs for a probable positive goal like bringing medicine, food, trade and information to a great distance (trains, cars, planes) , hunting and escaping prey in the case of animals).

In list number 2, there are crazy stunts people will do with speed. These stunts can sometimes make us laugh or smile. Misuse of speed is another matter. Excessive use of speed by motorists in national roads can never result to an achievement, pride or joy. In most cases, it can be recorded as another statistics to remind us that speeding can cause harm and untold grief to others.

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