8 Actions that Make You an Unresponsible Driver

1. Acting like a race car driver

Driving the car using excessive speed increases the possibility for vehicular accidents. There is a speed limit requirement in every state, please do not exceed that.

2. Doing other activities while driving

Your hands should be on the steering wheel at all times, and your eyes on the road. Do not perform activities like writing, texting, answering the phone, and other activities that will distract you from driving safely.

3. Bringing unrestrained animals with you in the car

If you need to bring your dog with you, have someone hold him, or make sure the dog will not distract you from driving.

4. Being a concert artist while driving

Responsible drivers need to focus on the road. Your antics while singing may annoy or distract other motorists or might distract you from driving.

5. Listening to loud music

Research has shown that the kind of music played over the car radio may affect the driver’s mood. Listen to music that will calm you during traffic jams and long drives.

6. Driving under emotional turmoil, melancholy or intense anger

When you overly emotional, do not drive. It is always best to calm yourself before you drive. Tragic accidents have resulted from driving while depressed or under emotional distress.

7. Doing crazy stunts

As a responsible driver, you should always make sure that your driving will not compromise your safety or the people’s around you. Do not make illegal turns, use your horn excessively, cut off others carelessly, or throw garbage from your window.

8. Believing that the long arm of the law will not catch you.

Irresponsible driving may result in suspension of your driving license. Reckless driving resulting in death will be brought to criminal trial. Imagine the grief experienced by surviving family members who lose loved ones to senseless road accidents. Put yourself in their shoes, you don’t want that to happen to you or to your family members.

The poem below provides wonderful insights on what NOT to do while driving.

Driving by Weeping Wolf

I’m a safe driver
ask my friends
but not my parents
I always use my blinker…

My little red Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang
takes me wherever I need to be going
and sometimes I pretend my car
is a racing raft or red rocket-
depending on the weather.

I love to drive with my windows down
as I pass by the sprinklers, and laugh
as water droplets fall on my skin and seats
because it makes me remember rain and
a moment in time when I was happy…

Sometimes I write while I drive, like now
just to show that steering wheels and flashing lights
are overrated and can’t stop the impulses of a poet.

And I’m always singing in the car,
and usually thinking about love,
and I don’t care if the people in lanes next to me
see me talking to myself like a crazy person
Because, I am one.

Sometimes I drive with my parrot on my shoulder
and my dog in my lap, because they are both needy.
But they make an awful racket when the radio screams…

I love to hear the roar of my engine!
switching from gear to gear in a spunky rhythm
And I’ll admit, I often forget my headlights…
And sometimes I drive 70 on 35mph streets…
I’m not reckless, I’m just…wreck less.

And I push the pedals to the beat of the music
and blast the techno on the freeway at 2:00am
my horsepower on overload, speeding to Santa Monica,
maybe to escape from the galloping, gaping loneliness or
because I still can’t go fast enough to reach the moon yet.

But sometimes, the leather seats
are the only place I can cry,
because I know the moment I pull the handle
The air and grief and stress and life
will all come rushing back to challenge me;
But in the car, I am invincible.
And, I can only say that because I have never gotten a ticket.

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