Driving is a necessity, but can be frustration. With construction, delays, tickets and accidents, traveling in your car can cause more trouble than you anticipate. But what if there was a device that lower that frustration? What if there was something that could warn you before you get a ticket? In fact, there is. It is called a radar detector and it looks like this:

What is a Radar Detector?

Radar detectors are devices that locate and signal traffic radar systems that are used by law enforcement to detect a driver’s speed.  If the detector identifies a radar signal it will beep and flash, warning you that an officer may be nearby. By alerting you, it offers you ample time to slow down.  

Is It Legal?

In Utah, it is legal to own and operate a radar detector in a passenger vehicle (personal car). However, it is illegal to use one in a commercial vehicle. In fact in all states, except for Virginia, it is legal to use a radar detector in a passenger vehicle. However, this is not license to break the law. Speeding is a traffic violation and in a perfect world no one would speed. And we hope that you don’t! If you don’t speed then you never have to worry about an officer detecting your speed.

Do not mistake radar detectors for radar jammers. Radar jammers take this idea one step further by “jamming” the signal so officers are not able to use their radar guns effectively. These devices are illegal in Utah.

In the end, it is up to you whether or not you choose to use a radar detector. It is legal in state of Utah and you cannot be ticketed for using one. Just be aware that law enforcement is aware of these devices and have ways around it. Be safe and choose not to speed.

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Photo courtesy of Myke2020