A recent article in The Daily Herald reported that Provo City may implement new laws effecting dog owners. Instead of banning specific breeds, the proposed ordinance would regulate all breeds of dogs and their owners by setting forth measures against dogs that exhibit at risk and dangerous behavior. Provo City Councilwoman Midge Johnson said that they did not want to name breeds in the ordinance because that would “lump in the good with the bad.”

According to Utah’s ABC 4 News, the ordinance would take a two tier approach by categorizing dogs as “at risk” and “dangerous.” At risk dogs would have to be fenced in or leashed at all times, have a microchip implanted and have its photo on file with the city. If an at-risk dog continued to cause problems it would then be placed on the dangerous list, which would mean that in addition to everything else the owner would have to carry liability insurance of at least $100,000.

Homeowner’s insurance for the dog owner will typically cover any injuries and damages their dog may cause. But, many renters own dogs and are not required to carry insurance. This means, that if their dog attacks and injures someone, they will be personally responsible and will have to pay out of pocket for the damages caused by their dog. Even if this law is not enacted, we strongly encourage all dog owners to carry some form of insurance, wether it be home owners or renters.