We live in an age of technology. We can communicate with people around the world in a matter of seconds. But these technological advances can now help us with one of our oldest and most frustrating problems: Traffic. No one enjoys being stuck in traffic. It makes you late, you can’t do anything about it and just complicates your already busy life. Sometimes you can’t avoid it, but if you are proactive, there are plenty of apps out there now that can warn you before you ever run into the wall of cars. Here are the best of the best.

Google Maps

Google has been around for a long time and they have a lot of data. This is the very reason that makes it the best for checking traffic. This may sound scary, but whenever we have Google Maps open on our phones they are gathering anonymous data about what is going on. If you are stuck in traffic, it can tell. If you are driving normally, it can tell. This then updates what is going on with traffic all around you. Google takes this information and then combines with data from another traffic app, Waze, which they acquired some years ago. All in all, Google Maps gives you the best, real time traffic data out there.

KSL Traffic Center

One of our local news station here in Utah has done us a great service in making an online KSL Traffic Center. It gathers data and then displays what major roads are clear and which ones are congested. Green is good. Orange is okay. Red is bad. On top of that, KSL determines driving times for regular commutes. It is a real time indication of what your drive might look like.

We have some amazing tools that can help us with simplifying our commute. But accidents happen and when they do, we are here to help. Come see us at Christensen and Hymas a local, Utah Law firm. We purposely don’t take too many cases so we can focus our time on yours. Call us today for a free consultation. Drive safe and avoid the traffic!

Image courtesy of Pixabay