Christensen & Hymas Gives $100 Gift Card for Classroom Supplies


DRAPER, UT, February 4, 2013 – The School Supplies Gift Program, sponsored by Utah-based Christensen & Hymas, is pleased to announce that Ms. Laura Moray, a 5th grade teacher at Butler Elementary School, and Ms. Patricia Bradford, a 2nd grade teacher at Bonneville Elementary School, are the next recipients of the Golden Apple Award.

 Ms. Moray is a teacher that deserves this award because she “gives everything that [she] can to help [her] students learn as much as possible.” Ms. Moray is constantly seeking to improve her teaching ability by attending professional development courses. This additional improvement gives her a constant stream of new teaching strategies and skills that in turn benefit her students. Ms. Moray is loved by her students because of this. Her dedication to the art of teaching makes for an effective learning environment, an environment where her students “know what they are learning.” Ms. Moray determines what she teaches her students through a process that combines the approved curriculum and learning-related data to make sure her students are learning what will be most valuable for them.

Ms. Moray helps prepare her students for junior high and high school. Her concern for her students does not end with high school graduation however. Ms. Moray says that she hopes to prepare her students for college and the real world as well. To prepare them for this she implements new technology that will help her students practice 21st century skills. It is obvious that Laura Moray is very deserving of this award because of her dedication to being the best teacher that she can be.  We applaud Ms. Moray for her efforts as a teacher, friend, and mentor.

 Ms. Bradford’s nominator had plenty of great things to say about the value of Ms. Bradford as an educator. Ms. Bradford works hard for her students and spends long hours making sure that each day will be a magical learning experience. Some of Ms. Bradford’s students have special needs and therefore require additional time and resources but Ms. Bradford is very caring and patient. According to the nominator many students often say that Ms. Bradford is “so nice” or she’s “the nicest teacher in the whole world.” The nominator, a parent of one of Ms. Bradford’s students, said that Ms. Bradford “gives so much of herself to her class and her families”.

 Ms. Bradford’s teaching excellence can easily be recognized by the way she views her students. She strives to see all of her students as smart, kind, and full of potential. Because of this optimistic point-of-view, she strives to get to know each student and cater to their specific needs. She fully devotes herself to the job and is excited to see the children she teaches succeed.  The nominator says the optimism and devotion displayed by Ms. Brandford is “incredibly heart-warming.” We at Christensen & Hymas praise Ms. Bradford for the diligence, love, and energy she puts into her teaching.


About the School Supplies Gift Program:

Utah personal injury attorneys Ken Christensen and Russ Hymas, owners of Christensen & Hymas, started the School Supplies Gift Program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. Each week the program gives the Golden Apple Award, which includes a $100 OfficeMax gift card, to a deserving Utah public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, including teachers, students, parents and administrators. To learn more about the program and nominate a teacher, click here.