According to a KSL News article, “Woman hit in crosswalk, but no one is talking,” Patricia Dawn Jordan of Oxford, Maryland died from injuries she sustained while walking in a crosswalk at the Salt Lake International Airport. On July 22, the woman was walking in the crosswalk outside Terminal 2 when a car traveling in the 10 mph zone struck her. Three days later the woman died.

I express my sympathies to the victim’s family as they deal with this difficult situation.

What is strange about this case is that the airport refuses to talk about the accident – it only reached the news after an anonymous tip to KSL more than a week after the accident occurred. When KSL attempted to do a news piece on the accident, workers at the airport either told them that they did not see anything or that they are not allowed to talk about it. The airport is refusing to disclose information, but why? Clearly, this woman did not contribute to the accident as she was in a crosswalk when she was hit.

It is sad that this family has to deal with this tragic loss and at the same time fight with the airport officials for answers as to what happend. For this reason the family of the victim should find a Utah personal injury lawyer that will perform a complete investigation so as to bring to light those who are accountable.