Multiple Rear-End Collisions Case

They Never Gave Up “Dealing with the insurance company was dreadful! My case was complicated, but Christensen & Hymas never gave up, even when it got very difficult. They took my case and worked on getting me the most they could have. I felt like they knew me and were always available to help–I felt like I was in good hands.”

Hayk’s Accident

Heading west on 4500 South, Hayk slowed to a stop at an intersection when a car that had been following too closely rear-ended him. The police were called, and both vehicles were directed to a parking lot where the other driver carelessly rear-ended Hayk a second time. This time, Hayk was parked with his car door open and his legs hanging outside the vehicle. As the door swung with impact, Hayk was hit and injured his left leg, foot, and arm, resulting in pain, numbness, and tingling that lingered long after the accident. As a result of both collisions, Hayk also injured his neck and lower back, leaving him with several herniated and bulging disks. His injuries were so severe he could no longer work and eventually lost his job. After seeing a doctor, Hayk was told he’d need injection therapy, but without a job he no longer had health insurance and couldn’t see a way to pay for the medical bills. Hayk was confused, frustrated, and in pain, but he was receiving no help from the insurance company. He decided to look for a lawyer. We were grateful Hayk decided to retain us as his lawyers, and we dedicated all of our resources to getting the best possible result for his case. In the end, we reached a $14,750 settlement that allowed Hayk to get the medical treatment he needed, make up for his lost wages, and move forward on his road to recovery.

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