Midvale Rear-End Collision Case

A Wonderful Experience with a Successful Settlement “All of the Christensen & Hymas staff were very helpful in my case and seemed very interested in helping me with my problem. Everyone seemed very well informed and could answer all the questions I had throughout the entire case. At the end of this ordeal, the bills were paid and I had a little extra. My experience with them was wonderful!”

Ken’s Accident

While driving with his family on a snowy day in Midvale, Ken’s car was rear-ended while he was turning into a grocery store parking lot. The collision left Ken with a serious injury to his lower back and pain throughout his back and legs. Before the accident, Ken enjoyed an active lifestyle packed with physical activity and time spent playing with his kids. But after the accident–and an MRI and visits with his doctors–Ken learned he would need to undergo an expensive lumbar surgery, leaving him with medical bills and a lifestyle change. He was no longer able to enjoy the simple pleasures or activities he loved before. In order to regain control over his life and medical expenses, Ken sought our services. We were happy to help him navigate through the painful process of financial and physical recovery. In the end, we were able to help Ken receive compensation for his medical bills and loss of enjoyment with a settlement of $25,000.

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