Wrongful Death Car Accident Case

Honorable, Compassionate Representation During Painful Times “I couldn’t have kept going through the painful times had I not felt good and comfortable with my attorneys. It was a very difficult thing to endure, but they made it feel smooth and safe. It was an honor to have them represent her.”

Case Background

Stacey and her brother contacted our firm shortly after their mother had been killed in a car accident. They were uncertain how to navigate through the complex process of a wrongful death claim. Both children were extremely close to their 78-year-old mother. Although she had multiple sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair, their mom was a strong, vibrant, and sharp woman. One of their biggest concerns was that the insurance company would not treat the claim fairly because of their mom’s advanced age and medical condition. We believed the best way for the insurance company to get to know their mom was through her family members and close friends. We interviewed many of them and created a DVD that we sent to the insurance company so the adjuster could see the kind of person she was and the tremendous void that her passing left. We also met with their mother’s primary doctor, who confirmed that she had many years of life left in her. And when the insurance company made an insulting offer to settle the claim, we demanded arbitration and had the matter decided by an arbitration panel. We received the arbitration award–nearly double what the insurance company had initially offered. The amount of the award–$517,373.03–sets a precedent for the value of these types of claims in Utah and will help others in the future who lose elderly family members due to another’s careless conduct. But this claim was never about money for Stacey and her brother. “I would give back every penny to have one more precious moment with my angel mom,” Stacey said. Of course, no award could ever serve as an adequate substitute for the remaining years that our clients would have enjoyed with their mother, but it did force the insurance company to recognize how invaluable those “golden years” were. We were humbled by Stacey’s comments after the claim was resolved. “Thank you for taking the time to get to know my mom throughout the case,” she said. “It was an honor to have you represent her. You did her proud!” We are grateful for Stacey and her brother’s trust in us, and for the opportunity to get to know their mom through her children’s eyes. We are also optimistic that the result we were able to obtain will help insurance companies to look at those who have been seriously injured or killed in accidents as real people, not just numbers, and place a fair value on their claims.

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