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Hunting Accident Lawyer

What to Know About Hunting Accidents

Hunting Accidents happen every year in the state of Utah. If you are an avid hunter, or even hiker you can be at risk. If you spend time in the mountains during hunting season you may experience some form of a hunting accident. You will need to know the information and resources below to not only create a safe mountain environment, but also what to do to find a Utah hunting accident lawyer if things go wrong.

Hunting Laws

Knowing Utah state hunting laws can not only help you keep hunting season safe, but also help your case if you find yourself involved in a hunting accident. There are certain rules and regulations for specific types of big game. These can be found in the Utah Hunting Guidebooks & Rules.

In order to legally hunt, you must obtain a hunting license in the state of Utah. Applications for different seasons have deadlines, so be sure to obtain your license in time for the season.

In addition to having a hunting license, hunter education classes are available and required for license. This course will help you learn how to safely enjoying hunting.

Hunting boundaries are important to consider to keep everyone who wants to enjoy the mountains safe. Using an interactive Utah hunting boundary map can help you

Tips for Avoiding Hunting Accidents

Ideally, hunting accidents would never happen. Simple safety practices can help you and those you are with to avoid the chances of a hunting accident. Here are some tips to remember during hunting season:

As a hunter:

  • Check seasons where hunter orange must be worn and be viewable from all directions
  • Dogs must wear hunter orange or visible color on vest or leash
  • Make sure equipment is maintained properly and you are educated on its operation before use
  • Educate yourself on hunting laws in your state

As a non-hunter:

  • Wear bright clothing to make yourself visible and avoid earthy colors
  • Make noise to signify to hunters you are present
  • Know the dates of hunting seasons
  • If you feel uncomfortable leave the area
  • National and state parks often don’t allow hunting
  • Most states don’t allow Sunday hunting

Why Hire a Utah Hunting Accident Lawyer?

Hunting accidents happen. In October of 2015, a 10-year-old boy was killed in a hunting accident in Cache County, Utah. Although hunting accidents may be classified as just accidents, there may be a need for you in your unique case to hire a Utah hunting accident lawyer.

Simple negligence such as pointing a crossbow to signal a direction can be deadly. This was the case for Jeffrey Cummings who was accidentally shot by his hunting partner Michael Pekarek in Oregon. Michael Pekarek faced charges for negligent homicide as Jeffrey Cummings died from his injuries.

Knowing exactly what to do after a sudden incident involving hunting can make you feel at a loss. As Christensen and Hymas we are here for you to help you navigate your hunting access. We will help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.


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