Heather Penning

The winner of the 2018 Christensen & Hymas Married Law Student Scholarship is Heather Penning! A mother of four children, Heather is attending the South Texas College of Law and looking forward to being an a lawyer. In her letter to us, she described how she’s had to be creative with her schedule in order to make time for school and her kids. Among other things, she memorizes flash cards while at the gym, listen to audio books in the car, and sits down with her family to study while they watch movies. That is something that we can relate to, as both Ken Christensen & Russ Hymas had to balance school and family during law school.

As a Hispanic woman and mother, Heather takes pride in representing minorities as she prepares for a successful career as a lawyer. We are proud to provide her with some help, and wish her great success in her career and family life.