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Utah Dog Bite LawyerThe Utah dog bite lawyers at Good Guys Injury Law can help you recover compensation if you’re injured by a dog attack. Utah dog bite laws protect victims. However, to get a settlement, you must pursue a legal claim. This doesn’t mean you have to sue someone or file a lawsuit, but you should call and discuss your legal options with our attorneys.  

Good Guys Injury Law is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping victims. We have the skill, determination, and compassion to help you through this traumatic experience. Our law firm does things differently. 

You can expect to feel understood and to receive clear communication from our legal team throughout your case. Someone who causes a dog bite may owe the victim compensation. Our goal is to work on your behalf for you to receive the dog bite compensation you deserve.

Have Medical Bills from a Dog Bite or Animal Attack Set You Back? Our Utah Dog Bite Lawyer can Help!

Dog bite or animal attack set you backDog bites can be very traumatic, especially for children. These attacks can leave a victim with severe physical and emotional scars. If you live in Utah and have been attacked by a dog, we can help you recover from the cost of your medical expenses and other damages.

Our dog bite attorney understands Utah dog bite laws and animal attack laws. We will work tirelessly to make sure you receive fair compensation. You don’t have to do this on your own. 

You need the guidance of a dedicated, qualified personal injury lawyer to help you through the pain and frustration of your case. Our firm strives to serve our clients with a professional and personal emphasis on integrity and compassion. 

Your case matters to us. Let us worry about your medical payments and accident claim so you can focus on moving on with your life.

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Have you or a loved one been bitten by a dog and experienced personal injuries? Schedule a free consultation with our Utah dog bite lawyer today.

What Are Some Types of Dog Bite Attacks?

When a dog attacks, it can cause serious damage to the victim’s body. Below is a list of types of dog bite attacks and injuries that can occur.

Hands, Arms, and Legs Dog Attacks

When a dog attacks, a person’s first thought is to protect themselves by putting out their arms or legs. Sometimes, a victim may be able to use this defense mechanism to stop the attack. However, this action sacrifices your extremities. 

The pain and damage that a dog can do to the hands and arms can be excruciating. Puncture wounds and broken bones can occur. The loss of use of hands or fingers can impact a victim for the rest of their life.

Puncture Wounds From Dog Attacks

A puncture wound occurs when the dog bites and the teeth enter the skin during an attack. Tearing of the skin can also happen, causing further damage to the extremity. Puncture wounds are also accompanied by scratches with a tooth or clawing from the paws. Left untreated, a puncture wound may become infected.

Broken or Crush Injuries

When a dog bites or attacks a person, it can cause crushed or broken bones. A dog’s jaw can be powerful. Even if the skin is not punctured, bones can still be crushed during the attack. The person might fall or get knocked to the ground, resulting in broken bones that could hinder the victim’s ability to fight back.

Head, Neck and Face Dog Bite Injuries

A dog attack can cause head, neck, and face injuries. Unfortunately, these injuries are common in children because children are smaller and shorter than most adults. When the dog attacks, it is likely to be at the same level as the child, causing serious injury to the face. 

A child also can’t fend off an attack as effectively as adults can, which can lead to more injuries. Disfiguring facial injuries can last a lifetime. The victim may need multiple facial reconstruction surgeries and still be left with disfiguring scars that could cause the victim life-long emotional trauma.

Head and Traumatic Brain Injuries From a Dog Attack

If a person falls or gets knocked down during a dog attack, they may hit their head, causing brain injuries while trying to fend off the attack. Head injuries can also happen if the dog bites the head of the victim. Head injuries can be as simple as a bump on the head, as serious as a fractured skull, or a brain injury causing permanent disability.


Since the most frequent target of a dog attack is the face, these types of wounds can result in severe scarring. Disfiguring scars can have life-long consequences. Scars are an important factor in a personal injury case, as the victim will forever be reminded of the dog’s attack.

Emotional and Psychological Dog Bite Injuries

A dog bite brings emotional scars as well as physical ones. The psychological injuries sometimes present after a dog attack can affect every part of the victim’s life. The victim may even develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which could cause the person to carry frightening memories that could keep them from holding a job or sleeping at night.