Pharmacy, Urgent Care, or Emergency?

If a person could die or be permanently disabled (including an unborn child), it is an emergency. If you find yourself in such a situation, call 911 However, if you ever had minor medical emergency such as a fever, bladder infection, a strange bug bite, or a cut that... read more

Cell phone explosion: is it real?

Smart phones have become an essential part of human lifestyle across continents and regardless of economic status: both a big time CEO in a New York skyscraper and the local seafood dealer in a small village in Cambodia might manage their daily schedule with the same... read more

Evacuation Checklist

There have been fires, wild or not, popping up everywhere. Just here in Utah alone, 2 fires were reported near Draper a few weeks ago. Summers are known for their dry heat, and as it’s coming to the end, the land is brittle and ready for something or someone to set it... read more

Utah Hit-and-Run Accidents: When Do I Have a Case?

Being a part of a hit-and-run accident is a nightmare. Your car has been damaged, you may be injured, and you have no information about the person who did this to you. It is a time of absolute uncertainty. What do you do? Are you able to file a claim without the other... read more

3 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is reported to cause 480,000 deaths a year, and it is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. Ninety percent of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Quitting smoking is not all about going cold turkey. Only 4 to 7 percent of people... read more

Pokemon Go!

You may have noticed adults and children alike hobbling around, wandering mindlessly into a busy road, walking off cliffs, falling into ditches, bumping into parked cars, telephone poles, and street signs. Thousands of them, swarms of inattentive and distracted people... read more

Rules of the Pool: Common Swimming Pool Accidents

Sunscreen, sunburns and swimming; summer is the season. Pools, if used right, can be a haven away from the Utah heat and worries of everyday life. But you have to be careful. If you are reckless, your fun day at the pool could easily be ruined be an avoidable... read more

Beating Chronic Pain: Alternatives to Painkillers

Chronic pain is an epidemic. Whether it be the result of an injury, age, or unknown reasons, millions of people hurt everyday. In fact, it is projected that 8 percent of Americans suffer with chronic back pain alone. That is almost 26 million people! It is possible... read more

Crashed Your Rental Car?

Wind in your hair; California sun on your skin; new sunglasses on your face. Splurging, you rent the premium car: the red convertible. Six speakers, navigation system, heated seats (don’t need them), and keyless drive propel you through clouds of vacation bliss.... read more

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