3 Questions For Your Doctor During an Appointment

In any injury case, it is essential to stay in close contact with your doctor. Open communication with a medical professional can increase your chances of winning a case. It is not just how you communicate, though. You should give careful consideration to what you... read more

Farmers Markets in Salt Lake: Your Top Choices

The transition from summer to fall brings a lot of changes. Unfortunately, one of these changes is the end of great farmers markets in Salt Lake and its surrounding cities. These markets offer fresh produce and other homegrown goods from local vendors. We at... read more

Traffic Apps: The Best of the Best

We live in an age of technology. We can communicate with people around the world in a matter of seconds. But these technological advances can now help us with one of our oldest and most frustrating problems: Traffic. No one enjoys being stuck in traffic. It makes you... read more

How Healthy is Utah?

Pretty healthy. According to a study by United Health, Utah ranks number 7 in the country for healthiest state. Perhaps it doesn’t come to much of a surprise. Utah, ranked by The Street, is the most sober state in the entire country. Also with the mountains... read more

Dog Leash Laws

We’ve all seen the “Dogs must be on leash at all times” signs. With all the signs around, it might be hard to find areas where dogs are allowed off their leashes. Are they allowed to be unleashed while walking in the neighborhood? Is it okay to have your dog unleashed... read more

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Getting cancer when you’re a child is the worst. Among chemo treatments and radiation, feeling sick all the time, and being unable to go to school, you can’t do what you’re meant to do: be a kid. There are 15,780 children and teens under the age of 21 who are... read more

Pharmacy, Urgent Care, or Emergency?

If a person could die or be permanently disabled (including an unborn child), it is an emergency. If you find yourself in such a situation, call 911 However, if you ever had minor medical emergency such as a fever, bladder infection, a strange bug bite, or a cut that... read more

Cell phone explosion: is it real?

Smart phones have become an essential part of human lifestyle across continents and regardless of economic status: both a big time CEO in a New York skyscraper and the local seafood dealer in a small village in Cambodia might manage their daily schedule with the same... read more

Evacuation Checklist

There have been fires, wild or not, popping up everywhere. Just here in Utah alone, 2 fires were reported near Draper a few weeks ago. Summers are known for their dry heat, and as it’s coming to the end, the land is brittle and ready for something or someone to set it... read more

Utah Hit-and-Run Accidents: When Do I Have a Case?

Being a part of a hit-and-run accident is a nightmare. Your car has been damaged, you may be injured, and you have no information about the person who did this to you. It is a time of absolute uncertainty. What do you do? Are you able to file a claim without the other... read more

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