How to Perform CPR and Use An AED

June 1 – June 7 is CPR and AED Awareness Week. The American Heart Association (AHA) has proved that knowing how to perform CPR and how to use an AED can be beneficial to those around you. Performing CPR on someone going into cardiac arrest at home can double or... read more

Distracted Driving Phone Accidents: Textalyzer

Social Media and technology play an extremely important role in our society. Even here at Christensen & Hymas, we use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, texting, email, and other outlets daily to better inform our clients and connect with the community. With so many... read more

May is National Fitness and Sports Month

Spring is a great time to make and renew physical fitness goals. Fortunately, there are great opportunities in Utah to take our exercise outdoors. Some studies suggest that outdoors that engaging in fitness and sports outdoors can lower stress levels. At Christensen... read more

Utah Hospital Safety Rankings: How Do They Stack Up?

Recently, the federal government released patient-safety reviews for many hospitals around the country. Unfortunately, several hospitals in Utah received low marks for patient safety. These low Utah hospital safety rankings are cause for concern. If you are ever in a... read more

Vacation Ideas: Somewhere New

This time of year, school is ending and the weather is beautiful. Many of us are looking forward to a fun vacation at some point in the summer! Utah is a great place to live, especially because of all the great outdoor sites to visit. Even with all the great options... read more

Utah Seat Belt Laws: Do I Have to Buckle Up?

While driving, you may have noticed the “Click it or Ticket” billboards encouraging seat belt use. Utah seat belt laws apply to and affect everyone on the road, from drivers to passengers. These laws state that everyone in a vehicle must wear a seat belt.... read more

Awkward: Wet Pants in Front of the Jury

We all have one of those uncomfortable moments. Listen to Ken tell the story about this awkward moment during a trial: “I remember once when I was clerking for this attorney and I was helping him for trial and he went to grab the pitcher of water on the desk... read more

Medical Care After an Accident: Should I Seek It?

Accidents happen, and sometimes you may need medical care after an accident. You’ve probably wondered what you should do in that type of situation. Many times people are hesitant to get medical care. Because, they don’t want to get the other party involved... read more

Common Springtime Injuries in Utah

At this point in the year, many of us have “spring fever,” and just want to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. After so many months indoors during the winter, it’s important to not get overzealous. Whether you’re going for your first run outside or... read more

Easter Events in Salt Lake City

Who doesn’t love a great Easter egg hunt? There are always many wonderful local activities and events to choose from during the Easter holiday. From simple Easter egg hunts to full-blown festivals, there are plenty of ways to spend your weekend. Fun events are... read more

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