Christensen & Hymas Legal Glossary

We created the Christensen & Hymas Legal Glossary as a resource for people who are trying to figure out what medical billing, insurance adjusters, and even other lawyers are talking about in letters, emails, and other communication.

It is important to us that individuals feel empowered with knowledge and educated about their legal rights and understand what is being communicated.

Our intention is to continually build the Glossary over time. Additional text, case studies, and multimedia will be added in the coming months and years. Remember to come back here if you need to understand legal terminology, and we’ll continue to provide the best, most accurate, and up-to-date information regarding legal terms. Of course this glossary does NOT constitute legal advice, and we can and will only give legal advice to those parties which we represent. If you would like a free consultation on your case to see if we are right for each other, please contact us today by calling our office (801-506-0800) or contacting us through the free consultation form.

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