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M. David Steffensen, Personal Injury Lawyer

Late on a summer night in 2014, David Steffensen was riding a motorcycle home through wooded residential roads in Utah. A burned-out streetlight shrouded the road in darkness, concealing a sink hole in the middle of the street. By the time David’s headlight revealed the danger, it was too late. The front wheel of his motorcycle dug into the sinkhole and forced the bike onto its side, causing David to roll and skid across the pavement. 

As fate would have it, a man walking his dogs saw the crash and rushed to David’s aid. The man evaluated David’s injuries and helped him and his motorcycle make it back home. In a remarkable stroke of good fortune, this man happened to be a lawyer that explained how David may have a claim against the city responsible for maintaining the streetlight and for fixing the sink hole. David ultimately used this information to obtain a favorable settlement with the city and used the funds to fix his motorcycle and other costs of the crash. 

This experience affected David more than monetarily. He realized there was no lawyer among his friends and family that could have shared this advice with him when it was dearly needed. Without the help of this legal “Good Samaritan” David would have had no idea of his legal rights after the crash and would have borne the loss alone. David, who had just begun college, resolved to become a lawyer himself so that he could advise and help others, including his own friends and family, to use the law as a tool to improve and repair their lives.

David accomplished this goal by receiving his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Utah before moving down south to Provo to attend the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University. He was admitted to the Utah Bar as a licensed attorney in 2020.

Before graduation, David worked as a law student prosecutor for West Valley City, prosecuting misdemeanors and DUI’s at trial in justice court. Upon graduation he accepted an associate attorney position at the prestigious law firm of Snow Christensen & Martineau, founded in 1886. There David worked in all areas of the law, including insurance defense, commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, business and estate planning, and estate litigation. Among his successes, David obtained a complex summary judgment defeating a $13,000,000 claim against his client outright. Despite this success, David felt that his skills and talents were most often being used by the “big guy” to crush the “little guy,” contrary to the reasons that motivated him to join the legal profession in the first place.

To make a change to better match his motivations and conscience, David joined Good Guys Injury Law in 2023. He focuses on helping clients that have been injured in car accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, premises liability cases, and any other matter where someone is injured because of the fault of another. 

David is admitted to practice in all Utah Courts and the U.S. District Court, District of Utah. 

Personal Information

David Steffensen was raised in Holladay, Utah. When he is not working on behalf of his clients, he is helping his loving wife care for their three young children. He enjoys hiking, reading, swimming, philosophy, and building/enjoying gaming PCs.