The truth about injury cases

Advice from Provo Personal Injury Attorneys

Those who are injured in car accidents are often surprised to find that the insurance company refuses to pay for their medical expenses and damages. In these situations, people hesitate to hire an attorney because they don’t want to cause trouble to their fellow Utahn driver. Also, they don’t know if they can afford hiring an attorney and are overwhelmed by the idea of a law suit.  These fears are common misconceptions about how personal injury cases are handled. Here are the real facts:


You are not suing the driver

We make sure the insurance company pays what it is supposed to. We don’t seek compensation from the driver, and most cases are settled before we have to file a law suit.


You don’t pay us out of pocket

If we win your case, the costs will be covered with the settlement sent by the insurance company. If we don’t win your case, we will not charge you.


They are supposed to pay you

The insurance company makes its profit by not paying you what it is supposed to. We make sure they pay for your medical bills and damages so you can focus on recovering.

Find out if you have a case

Answer 4 simple questions and find out if you have an injury case.

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