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Arthur’s Story

“Delivered exactly what they said they’d give me.” I met with Russ and I felt like I got taken care of in a professional way…I wasn’t just a case file, I was me. And Russ was actually able to comprehend what I was talking about.

Arthur was riding his bike home after work one day when a car hit him from behind going 40 mph in Murray. With the force of the impact, Arthur struck the driver’s windshield before being thrown to the ground. Arthur was quickly taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. The doctors found that he had received multiple brain contusions, and treated his back and abdominal pain, as well as the numbing he felt in his hips. Arthur was able to quickly recover from his physical injuries but was suffering increasing anxiety. He would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic. Noises from cars and the glare of headlights would trigger flashbacks to the night of his accident. Arthur went to see a doctor who diagnosed Arthur with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the accident. Arthur’s life suffered as a result of the accident. He got behind at work because of the loss of his computer in the crash and his struggle with PTSD following the accident. Arthur was unable to bike in the State Championship, a race he had trained three years for and had earned the position as high point leader. Arthur needed someone to help him towards the path of recovery, and that’s when we stepped in. In the beginning, the insurance company refused to give Arthur reasonable compensation because of his limited physical injuries. However, we were able to show the extent of Arthur’s psychological injuries as a result of the accident, and the amount of care and help Arthur required in order to heal and carry on with his life. We were able to obtain $17,500 from the insurance company for Arthur to pay for all of his medical care and to give him some compensation for the pain and challenges the accident had brought into his life. We were so grateful to be able to help Arthur on his journey to get back on his bike and to live his life again.


In His Own Words

“What does cycling mean to me in my life? I think it transcends a hobby, transcends a sport, that’s what we do. We ride bikes. It’s just part of the definition of life. There’s just this feeling when you’re on two wheels and you’re just so nimble. It’s like flying, you know? Except people don’t get to fly for the price you can on a bike. There’s just nothing but you and the trail. Like this, the universe just kind of folds in around you and you expand to fill the universe. And the universe is just you and that single-track line through the forest. And you’re just gone. “Before I got hit, I rode my bike to work nearly every day. And that was the rhythm of my day. It was just–to me it was wonderful. I had a great commute that I’d done hundreds of times. So last November 1st, I was coming up on a year now, I was headed home. I was going south and I came to the only place on the route where traffic is moving quickly and there’s no shoulder. “I remember it being bright. Like thinking, “Wow, there’s a lot of headlights on the ground in front of me.”And I was up in the air, and apparently hit her windshield–was flying, hit the ground, and slid to a stop on my back. So then I was really sore and in a lot of pain. It was really hard for me to move around. I had a lot of post-traumatic stress sorts of things. If I was riding in a car or driving in a car and lights came past me from behind, that was like a physically and emotionally really difficult experience. I got back on a bike in late October, just road around the parking lot just to prove to myself that I could still do it. That I wasn’t really broken. So then I met with Russ and I felt like I got taken care of in a professional way. They said, “We are personal injury lawyers. We help people that [get] injured on their bikes.” And they delivered what they said they’d deliver. The thing that I think that really set them apart from any other experience I’ve heard other people talk about is the way that–professionally delivering exactly what they said they’d give me–good professional personal injury lawyer work. And then the second really important thing was focusing on my healing. And then the third thing was just knowing that I wasn’t just a case file, I was me. And Russ was actually able to comprehend what I was talking about. And was also able to tell me, “This might take a little bit of time, but we’re going to make sure you get taken care of.” And that was what I needed–and I got it.


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