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Andrew’s Story

Handled Quickly, Responsibly, and Professionally “The first impression I had of [Good Guys Injury Law] was their professionalism. I was especially impressed with Ken Christensen, who represented me. He was very respectful and I felt that when he argued my case in arbitration, he was really fighting for me! I was worried when I hired an attorney that this might prolong my situation, but now I feel that if all law firms were like the [Good Guys Injury Law], things would always be handled quickly, responsibly and professionally. Thank you for all you’ve done!”

While Andrew was driving southbound along Redwood Road in West Jordan, a car attempting to turn left jutted out in front of Andrew’s car. There was no way Andrew could avoid the accident. He hit the other car broadside causing it to flip onto its side. Both cars were totaled. The impact knocked Andrew unconscious and left him with several head and spinal injuries, including brain hemorrhaging and a strained back. These injuries produced long-term symptoms that interfered with Andrew’s day-to-day life such as numbness, blurred vision, and nausea. While seeking medical treatment and trying to stay on top of his recovery, Andrew had to miss over three months of work. On top of his lost wages, Andrew’s medical expenses began expanding. That’s when Andrew decided to retain us as his lawyers. As a result of our representation, we were able to help Andrew pay off his medical bills and receive compensation for his pain and lost wages. In the end, we were able to reach a settlement of $25,000.