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Cody’s Story

Straightforward, Competent, and Impressive Service “Based on a referral from my doctor, I decided to have Ken and Kara work on my car accident and property damage cases. I was impressed by how they returned my calls promptly and were very straightforward and competent. I was very pleased with the service I received from them.”

Cody’s Accident

Driving westbound on Bangerter Highway, Cody ran into heavy traffic near a construction zone. As he slowed down with the flow of traffic, his car was rear-ended by another driver. At first the impact seemed to have only caused minimal damage to the trailer hitch underneath Cody’s car, so he decided to drive home and not worry about the damage. It wasn’t until Cody got home that he started to experience headaches as well as intense lower back and neck pain. An x-ray and visit with a chiropractor revealed that Cody’s injuries were much more severe than he originally anticipated. What started out as a little inconvenience was now growing into a large financial problem for Cody. His medical bills were now in the thousands and the insurance company was not accepting responsibility, so Cody decided to come to us. The settlement we received for Cody allowed him to pay his medical bills, focus on his recovery, and look towards the future with peace of mind.