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Debra’s Story

From Worry to Relief “Before meeting with Ken I was worried that I wouldn’t end up any better off than dealing with the insurance company by myself. After the first meeting, I realized that he would handle everything for me. I liked the relief of everything being taken care of.”

Just after Christmas, Debra was t-boned by a driver who lost control of his car, swerving through multiple lanes of traffic before bouncing off the freeway divider and into the driver’s side of Debra’s minivan. Along with her minivan being rendered a total loss, Debra hurt her neck, back, and tore a tendon in her right shoulder, requiring surgery. To make matters worse, the other driver didn’t have insurance coverage. Debrah quickly became frustrated with her injuries and new limitations. Before the accident, Debra was an active mother who enjoyed gardening and playing outside with her children. After the accident, Debra could no longer work in her vegetable garden or even pick her children up. The pain of her injuries kept her up at night along with the worry of how she would pay for the mounting medical bills. All that changed after Debra walked into our office. We were grateful for the chance to help Debra receive the medical treatment she needed without the worry of medical expenses. We were also able to obtain a $130,000 settlement for Debra to compensate her for all of the pain, suffering, and costs she endured as a result of the accident.