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Doug’s Story

Friendly and Helpful Dealing with Insurance Company

“Working with the insurance company was frustrating… They wouldn’t give me fair market value for my car and tried to get me to take $1K for medical before I knew how bad it was. The attorneys at Good Guys Injury Law were friendly with lots of support and advice for deposition/arbitration. They were very helpful dealing with the insurance company over medical and car totaling.”


Doug’s Accident

Doug was driving through an intersection in Lindon when another driver failed to yield the right-of-way, making a left turn and slamming into the driver’s side of Doug’s vehicle. As a result of the accident, Doug suffered damage to his neck and back as well as chronic left shoulder pain. In addition, Doug experienced frequent headaches and couldn’t do simple things, like hold or carry his little kids. In the end, Doug had to seek out medical help to recover from the accident, resulting in thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Yet, the other driver’s insurance company tried to bully Doug into settling his case quickly before Doug knew the extent of his injuries. When Doug began to feel overwhelmed by growing medical bills, the insurance company tried to buy him off by offering quick cash that only covered part of his car and medical expenses.

Thankfully, Doug came to us. We were able to help Doug manage his medical expenses and get fair compensation from the insurance company, resulting in a settlement of $26,116.99.