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Jane’s Story

Kind, Courteous, Understanding “Ken got me in quickly and started working on my case. He was kind, courteous, and very understanding. His office is clean and very well decorated–gave off a nice, warm, and friendly environment; even my children were treated well there. He got a positive settlement for my claim in less than a year, and I was extremely happy with it. If I were to recommend a lawyer it would be Kenneth Christensen.”

On a seemingly normal drive with her daughter riding in the passenger seat, Jane came to a stop at a light on State Street in Salt Lake. Suddenly, the car behind Jane was rear-ended and propelled into Jane’s rear bumper. The force of the impact threw Jane’s daughter from her seat belt and into the windshield, causing the windshield to shatter. Both Jane and her daughter were covered with glass and cuts, and both had to be transported to an emergency room. As a result of the accident, Jane’s daughter suffered head trauma and Jane injured her neck and back, causing persistent pain and headaches that would linger long after the accident. A hard-working mother and student, Jane found it difficult to keep up with her work, housework, and school work after the accident. The pain she experienced seemed to interfere with every part of her life. In addition, Jane needed help paying the thousands of dollars in medical bills that only seemed to grow with time. She was overwhelmed and worried for her daughter, so Jane decided to come in for a free consultation with us. We were honored that Jane trusted and allowed us to represent her and her daughter in their case. After hours of preparation and negotiation, we were able to receive a successful settlement for Jane, $7,500, which was enough to compensate Jane and her daughter for the pain, medical expenses, and anxiety they endured as a result of the accident.