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Jessica’s Story

Represented with Outstanding Service “The best part was the fact that I didn’t have to handle much of anything…aside from just getting better. Kiera was VERY good at explaining things to me so I could understand the process as it happened. I was represented with outstanding service and things were handled quickly.”

Jessica’s Accident

Before her accident, Jessica enjoyed an active, physical lifestyle in Vernal, Utah. But all of that changed when another car crashed head-on into Jessica’s while she was riding in the passenger seat. The initial impact of the collision pushed Jessica’s car into the other lane of traffic, where it collided with another car. Jessica’s injuries included bruising paired with severe neck, knee, abdominal, and lumbar (lower back) pain. After the accident, Jessica was forced to quit some of her favorite activities due to the pain. Her quality of life deteriorated as her medical bills piled up. Finally, Jessica decided to come into our office for a free consultation. We are very grateful Jessica trusted her case to us and that she received the financial and emotional support she deserves. We were able to help her receive compensation for all of her medical bills and the pain she experienced from the accident, even though she was not behind the wheel at the time. Through continued legal representation on her behalf, we were able to receive a confidential settlement for her.