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Joanie’s Story

I appreciated their determination. Ken made sure that he did all that he could for me and my family.

Joan was driving through Midvale, Utah in her sedan when she was t-boned by a pickup truck as the driver tried to make a right hand turn into her lane. The car was damaged and Joan suffered injuries to her back, neck, arm, and shoulders. The pain that she had to deal with after her accident was extreme.

It was our privilege to work with her after her accident to ensure that she received the compensation she needed to make her recovery possible and allow her to rest and take time to heal. We were able to obtain a settlement totaling $130,000 from the insurance companies to cover the damage to her vehicle, he medical bills, and allow her to feel comfortable for a short period of time after the accident in order to rest.


In Her Own Words


I just wanted to thank you and your team for all you have done for me and my family [and] your sincere concern and determination to make a bad situation better. It was a great comfort to have someone of your character [and] integrity in my corner. Thank you for everything.

It’s the special things that people do for us that make all the difference in our lives. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!