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Kaycee’s Story

Good Guys Injury Law explained things in terms I could understand.

Kaycee’s Accident

After a car suddenly jutted in front of Kaycee on the road, she was forced to slam on her brakes to avoid a collision. However, the car behind Kaycee’s was not so lucky. The driver had been following too closely and couldn’t stop before crashing into Kaycee’s bumper. Then came the impact of a third car.

As a result of the accident, Kaycee suffered from whiplash and muscle spasms in her neck and back. In addition, the pain would often bring on intense headaches that made it difficult to concentrate. These headaches and Kaycee’s pain tended to intensify with stress, but with insurance companies arguing over who was at fault and medical bills piling up, Kaycee couldn’t seem to escape the stress of her accident.

After a recommendation from her doctor, Kaycee decided to turn her case over to Good Guys Injury Law, allowing us to take care of the negotiations while she focused on healing.  In addition to the $16,000 settlement we obtained for Kaycee, we were able to give her the support and peace of mind she needed to make a full recovery.