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Kim’s Story

Informative, Friendly, and Doesn’t Fit the Stigma “My initial fear of hiring a personal injury attorney was the stigma of being someone who is trying to get something I didn’t deserve. Good Guys Injury Law was very informative and friendly. I appreciated the close personal attention. I would work with them again.”

Kim’s Accident

Prior to being rear-ended by another driver, Kim enjoyed an active, physical lifestyle. Due to the accident, Kim sustained injuries to her neck, lower back, and right shoulder–injuries so severe she needed surgery. Her medical bills were adding up quickly, and she couldn’t keep pace. She wasn’t able to do simple things she could before the accident and began feeling overwhelmed and helpless. She was afraid to hire an attorney because she didn’t want to seem greedy and was afraid of personal injury attorney stereotypes–of attorneys who will take any case to make quick cash. After meeting with us, she realized not all attorneys fit the stereotype. She felt comfortable with us and received the legal help she needed to negotiate with the insurance company. We were happy for the opportunity to help Kim manage her medical bills and get the full policy limit settlement her case deserved.