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KoryAnn’s Story

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable
“When the insurance company kept pushing me around to different people without any straight answers, Cara and Kenneth at Good Guys Injury Law were very helpful and knowledgeable. They made me feel very confident about my case and helped me to receive payments for my medical bills.”

A negligent driver could be on the road when we least expect it. Maybe it has been a long drive and you begin to go on “auto pilot”. Before you know it, a driver who has been speeding, tailgating, or even failing to stop or yield causes an accident that has left you with injuries and a damaged car. Negligence should not be taken lightly, especially while in control of a vehicle with other drivers around. Oftentimes, there is a long road ahead of you once you have been hit by a negligent driver. You might have medical bills, lack of transportation and experience physical and mental pain. This can all lead to a sense of hopelessness, but KoryAnn’s story shows that there is hope when you have been hit by a negligent driver.

KoryAnn’s Accident

KoryAnn became sandwiched between two cars when she was rear-ended by a negligent driver at high-speed .The impact of the crash caused extensive damage to both her, and the body of her car. In fact, the force was so powerful that the back of KoryAnn’s seat broke, which caused one of the discs in her spine to herniate, along with other back and neck injuries. An ambulance rushed KoryAnn to the hospital where the doctors told her that surgery was inevitable. She received a spinal cord stimulate implant that allowed her to return to some level of normal activity. However, the stimulation’s manufacturer reported that it would have to be surgically replaced every several years, which added to her medical bills.

The insurance company was not of any help to KoryAnn’s skyrocked bills. She needed relief, so that’s when she came to us. After KoryAnn received the full policy limits from the insurance of the negligent driver, we turned to her own insurance for coverage. Her insurance company initially claimed that her policy was limited at $10,000. However, we successfully proved that she was entitled to the higher amount and eventually settled for the full policy limits. We were extremely happy to work with KoryAnn and help her receive the compensation—$250,000—she deserved to pay for her current and future medical expenses.