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LaVernae’s Story

Unwilling to Settle for Less


“After my car accident my injuries weren’t getting any better. I knew the treatment I needed would be expensive, but I didn’t want to seem money-hungry or vindictive, so it was hard for me to call a lawyer. Working with the insurance company was very frustrating and I wasn’t getting what I needed, but then a friend recommended Good Guys Injury Law. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Mindi kept good records of everything and always stayed in touch. My attorney, Matt, helped me understand how everything worked. He helped me avoid the mistake of settling for less than what I needed.”


LaVernae’s Accident

LaVernae, a responsible, hard-working mother of two young children, was driving in Salt Lake when a teenage driver ran a stop sign and crashed into the side of her car. The teenager had been talking on the phone and speeding when she hit LaVernae.

The impact caused LaVernae’s car to spin across the intersection until it slid up and over a concrete embankment, totaling the car. During the accident, LaVernae’s airbag deployed, injuring and bruising her chest and stomach. The impact of the accident also injured LaVernae’s neck, head, jaw, and wrist–some of these injuries later required surgery.

While LaVernae struggled to recover from the accident, she was unable to enjoy her simple daily activities, like exercising and playing with her young children. Afraid to seem greedy, LaVernae at first avoided lawyers and tried to handle her case on her own. But soon, the insurance company began giving LaVernae the same old runaround.

Then a friend of LaVernae’s recommended her to Good Guys Injury Law. We were so grateful for the opportunity to get to know and help LaVernae and her family. While LaVernae focused on her recovery, we negotiated with the insurance companies and helped her manage her medical expenses until we reached a settlement of $47,000.