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Leslie’s Story

Impressive Knowledge of Accident Laws and Procedures “Ken has an impressive knowledge of accident laws and procedures. He did a great job informing us of how the legal process works and just having our best interests represented. All processes were handled well.”

Leslie’s Accident

After being rear-ended by another driver in Draper, Leslie suffered serious neck injuries as well as pain that extended to her back and shoulders. After x-rays revealed the damage and loss of mobility Leslie experienced as a result of the accident, she sought the help of a chiropractor to help in her rehabilitation and recovery. Despite being bothered by her injuries on a daily basis, Leslie was also frustrated with the insurance companies and overwhelmed by her new medical expenses. She found herself constantly being expected to pay for another’s careless driving. After receiving a referral from her doctor, Leslie eventually turned to us for help. We were able to help her receive compensation to pay for her medical bills so she could recover without worry. We were grateful for the chance to work with Leslie and to help her reach a settlement of $9,000.