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Lisa’s Story

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Trucking Accident Case

Semi Trucks transport a plethora of items, such as food and beverages. These truck drivers work long hours and drive to and from far distances on a tight deadline. Therefore, many of them drive tired. We do not know if this was the situation in a recent trucking accident case where a mother was rushed to the hospital after being involved in a trucking accident.

Lisa’s Accident

Lisa was a healthy, active housewife who took pride in maintaining a nice home for her family. One day, while Lisa was driving in a windy snowstorm near Santaquin, a semi-truck traveling at high-speeds rear-ended Lisa’s car. The impact left her with cuts along with her left eye, hand, and face as well as a fractured finger and hurt lower back. Her injuries were so severe she had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. After the accident, Lisa was unable to do simple tasks she took for granted before.

Luckily, her family was able to pitch in and help with cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and other important household chores while Lisa recovered. But, the family began worrying over the mounting medical expenses. That’s when they contacted Christensen and Hymas. We were happy to represent Lisa and help her recover from her accident without the added stress of worrying about insurance claims or medical bills. With the $17,920 settlement we obtained for Lisa, she was able to receive the medical care she needed to begin rebuilding her life with her family.