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Lynette’s Story

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“Cara and Kenny always had an answer for all of my questions or concerns. They were great at putting my mind at ease when me and my family were stressed or overwhelmed with my car accident case. They were always kind and personable and concerned about getting me healthy again. I would definitely refer Good Guys Injury Law for a consultation or legal representation.”

Lynette’s Accident

As an active marathon runner, Lynette was able to run full and half marathons at a 7-minute mile pace. She had just begun training for the St. George marathon. All of that changed during a seemingly normal trip to the grocery store. After placing her kids in the car, Lynette was unloading her groceries when a driver mistakenly stepped on the gas pedal, rather than the break. The car lunged backwards into Lynette’s car door, slamming it down on top of Lynette.

As a result, Lynette suffered a knee injury and cervical sprain that caused severe neck and back pain. These injuries put a halt to Lynette’s marathon plans as she sought out treatment and tried to recover from the accident. When Lynette and her family began to become overwhelmed with unexpected medical bills, they finally decided to seek out our help. As a result of our representation, Lynette was able to receive $15,000 to help cover her medical bills and compensate for the pain and lost opportunities she suffered. We are grateful to have been able to get to know Lynette and her family and to have helped reduce their anxiety during this stressful time.