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Marlene’s Story

I felt that they were honest people, that I could trust them to do what was right for me. And that in the end I was hopeful that I would be secure in my home and my future as an elderly person.

Marlene, an elderly grandmother from Orem, was on her way up to Heber from Orem to deliver a birthday gift to one of her grandsons. She was stopped at a stop sign when she was rear-ended. The force of the crash caused her to slam both of her knees into the dashboard below the steering wheel. Not long before the day of her accident she had surgery to repair some damage to her knee. The force of the impact with the dashboard caused that repair to fail and she would need to have her knee repaired yet again. Following the crash, she found it difficult to walk upstairs, and even do simple tasks that required being on her feet for any period of time. The partial knee replacement she received before the crash had broken loose and would have to be completely replaced. The surgery to repair her knee was even more complicated for her because of her allergy to certain medical devices. We worked with the insurance companies to help them understand the effect that the accident was having on Marlene’s life and the problems it would continue to cause in the future. By helping them see the full picture of the pain and suffering she was going through, we were able to negotiate a settlement of $202,790 to cover her medical costs immediately following the accident, as well as in the future. Because her injuries were so severe that she was forced to leave her job, the loss of her ability to work was also included in that amount.


She Tells Her Story

“I had purchased a bike for one of the grandsons whose birthday it was, so I went up to Heber to take them and I had stopped at a stop sign when a young man ran into me. Well, the pain started out in my knee and so I went to a doctor and he did a scope on the knee. But that didn’t solve the problem, so a partial knee was put in. And I am allergic to metal so they had to be very careful what they did with my knee. Well the partial broke loose and it was moving around as I walked and it was very painful. There were times when I didn’t think I could stand the pain anymore so I finally went to another doctor and he said that it was going to have to be totally replaced. I loved being with my grandkids and doing those experiences. I loved going to the zoo, the museum, and I couldn’t do any of those things anymore because of the accident and the pain I was having. Getting in and out of a car was unbelievably terrible.

I started receiving bills from the hospital’s emergency room and this young man’s insurance refused to pay. And then I saw online an advertisement for Good Guys Injury Law firm. And it was for their free pamphlet and I took that pamphlet and read it and I realized that I was going to need some help. His insurance was totally unwilling to help me in any way.

When I contacted them they came to my home to see what they could do to help and the situation. They talked to me, then whenever I had a question they were willing to email me or talk to me over the phone. I felt that they were honest people, that I could trust them to do what was right for me. And that in the end, I was hopeful that I would be secure in my home and my future as an elderly person.

I retired as a secretary and when you’re reaching 65 years old, you can’t find work again that will help you meet the needs that you have as an elderly person. But because of Russ Hymas and his expertise and those that work with him, they were able to get a financial settlement for me. And so, for me to be able to feel that I am secure now in my home and in my future has been a wonderful blessing to me.“